We’ve received many inquiries about “mobilegeddon” and thought that we would share some information with you:

What is it?

On April 21, 2005, Google released an update to its search algorithm (dubbed “mobilegeddon” by the media) such that users making searches on mobile devices (which includes both phones and tablets) will see mobile-friendly websites ranked higher than non-mobile friendly websites. Google has stated that, at this point, more searches occur on mobile devices than on desktop devices. In 2007, it was 0 and the number of searches on mobile devices will only continue to grow.

Does it affect me?

Google provides a tool that you can use to test the mobile friendliness of your site which can be accessed here.

Many of the businesses we deal with receive most, if not all, of their business from word-of-mouth and referrals. If that’s the case with you, then your search rankings likely won’t affect your bottom line.

While we do NOT offer SEO services, we do offer the following advice:

The most important thing is to recognize that the goal of SEO is not to have you rank high for a particular search term, but rather to generate closed business. We’ve heard from several clients of engaging with search marketing firms that have helped generate lots of leads with no actual closed business to show for it. If you do decide, or are currently working with, an SEO vendor, ensure that both parties are aligned on what the end-goal should be.